Eden Garden Designer lets you design beautiful gardens on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Start with one of the included gardens, ready for planting, or create your own through your iPhone's camera or photo library.

Eden gardens are fully animated. Plants wave in the wind. Bees buzz from flower to flower. The result is an experience that is delightful and inspires creativity.

Eden's plant library is stocked with beautiful, vivid photorealistic plants and flowers chosen from the favorites of North American and European perennials and annuals. Search for plants by name, height, zone, color, blooming season, sun exposure and type. Each plant has lots of useful information and has a custom wiki link to dig for even more detail.

If you are new to gardening or are a real green thumb, Eden Garden Designer lets you design beautiful gardens without having to learn expensive and complicated garden design programs. Eden is designed to be a delightful and useful tool for gardeners of all abilities and interests.

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Calla Lily
(Zantedeschia aethiopica)
Perennial, Zone 9, Full Sun, Moist